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About Us

It starts with you. At our core - we are in the business of customer service. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service possible. Transparency is key to achieving that. We will always take the time to explain and educate you in the process. Furthermore, we'll always be upfront about the outcome of the cleaning. If a rug is not worth cleaning you'll be the first to know. If it's a cleaning job we can't in good conscience deliver on, you'll be the first to know. We are firm believers of under promising and over delivering.

Rug washing machine in the rug cleaning facility in Phoenix

Our Values


Being upfront and transparent about our processes and the condition of our customers' rugs has been a core principle and foundation of Southwest Rug Cleaning.


The strong passion that we have for rugs and making our customers happy is like a burning fire that keeps us going. Seeing the results from cleaning and repairing our customers' area rugs is a very satisfying feeling.

Customer Commitment

We are all a consumer in one way or another, so the best way to really improve customer service and create an excellent experience is to see ourselves from the eye of our customer.


Our commitment to create a sustainable rug cleaning and rug maintenance company will continually push us to improve our usage and become more efficient in the resources we use for our day to day operations.

Quality of work.

Every rug that comes through our doors will get the attention it needs. We'll do everything required to clean it as best as possible. Including cleaning it a second or third time to insure we have given the rug the deepest clean. We continue to apply ourselves in learning new techniques to increase the effectiveness of our cleaning and stain removal knowledge. There is no stone that goes unturned when cleaning your rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Facility

With a state of the art 5000 square feet facility specifically engineered and manufactured for all types of area rugs and oriental rugs we can not only promise a quick turnaround, but a cleaning like no other. In combination with our highly experienced rug technicians and the best rug cleaning machines in the industry, we can thoroughly clean rugs in a very respectable time.

Silk rug after rug cleaning hung on drying tower in rug cleaning facility phoenix
View of rug dusting machine and rug washing machine at Southwest Rug Cleaning facility in Phoenix AZ

The most honest FAQ you've read

Depending on our intake the turnaround time is 2-7 business days.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.

Yes, we do offer rush cleaning services at an additional charge.

We calculate the cost of cleaning based on square footage size and quality of rug. Finer and higher quality rugs will naturally be more expensive to wash. For a free quote over the phone you can call us directly at (602)358-8484.

We do what's required to have the highest probability of removing stains which includes a wide range of spot cleaning using different types of chemical compounds. However, we can't guarantee any type of stain removal.

We do offer complimentary pick up and delivery service based on the mileage and square footage of area rug which would be cleaned. We will try to accommodate you as we best can.

Yes, we do provide rug storage. Your rug will be securely packaged and placed in our facility until you are ready to receive it.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.