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Even The Cleanest Oriental Rugs Breed Germs.

Our 7-Step Oriental Rug Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Method Is Proven to Tackle the Dirtiest Rugs! Gentle - Effective Cleaning Exterminates Festering Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses Embedded Deep In Your Rug. Cleaning That Leaves Your Rug Looking New.

Clean With Confidence

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A Win-Win Rug Cleaning Solution made for You!

Total Satisfaction, or Your Money Back – No Questions Asked!

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're ever dissatisfied, we promise a complete 100% refund. Plus, we don't require any upfront payments. Your payment is only processed once you're entirely content with the service rendered.

Complimentary Rug Collection and Delivery

Why struggle with a bulky rug when we can handle it for you? Enjoy our free pickup & delivery service for rugs larger than 8x10 within a 15-mile radius. Outside our coverage? We'll do our best to make special arrangements for you.

Premium Care with our White Glove Service

Skip the back-breaking labor. Our team will handle the entire process of removing your rug, which includes lifting, moving, and reorganizing your furniture.

Timely Oriental Rug Care

Experience a 7-Day Turnaround. Rest assured, your floors won't stay bare for an extended period. Our high-capacity dry room and efficient rug towers allow us to fully dry your rug in just 7 business days.

Precision Cleaning for Your One-of-a-Kind Oriental Rug

A successful rug cleaning begins with a thorough understanding of different rug materials. We steer away from one-size-fits-all methods. Instead, we opt for a customized approach, achieving an extensive clean and exceptional stain removal results.

Skilled and Professional Technicians at Your Service

Our rug cleaning technicians, backed by a decade of hands-on experience, ensure the utmost care and expertise in handling your rugs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Phoenix

Your rugs are guaranteed to get a deeper clean with greater safety than any other cleaning options using "short-cut" or top-down washing methods! All rugs are cleaned in our 5000-square-foot cleaning facility, designed to handle up to 4,500 square feet of rugs each day. Including museum-quality Persian rugs and everyday department store brands. We promise a dazzling, bright new rug after each wash.

rug wash bay and rug washing machine at Southwest Rug Cleaning facility in Phoenix

See How Our Cleaning Gets Extra-Dirty Rugs Cleaner and Fresher Than Any Other Cleaning Method

Step 1 - Rug Pre Inspection

Paying meticulous attention to detail is our priority. Before the cleaning process, each of your rugs undergoes a thorough 36-point inspection, identifying any areas of concern. This transparency enables our technicians to effectively address and clean stained areas, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Step 2 - Dye Test

We understand the importance of preserving your rug's original colors. Prior to cleaning, we conduct a dye test to assess the strength of the colors. If any bleeding occurs, our rug cleaning technicians use specialized techniques, including the use of polymers and mordants, to safeguard the dyes and prevent any unwanted color mixture, ensuring your rug maintains its appearance.

Step 3 - Dusting

A 100% clean rug starts with the critical first step of removing all dust and dirt. Our flatbed industrial oriental rug dusting machine meticulously agitates and beats your rug from both its top and bottom, effectively extracting a substantial portion of embedded contaminants found deep in the foundation. After all, how can a rug truly be considered clean if lingering dirt and dust remain trapped within its core, even after a thorough washing?

Step 4 - Hand Washing

Your rug is given a thorough cold water immersion and hand washing, utilizing specialized rug shampoos tailored to the rug's specific material and construction. Our techniques are based on the rug type, their region, fiber content, quality, and construction. Our hand washing process will leave your oriental rug looking and feeling like new.

Step 5 - Centrifuge

We implement a two-step drying technique, beginning with the use of centrifugal force to remove 96% of the moisture from your rug within 3 minutes. This rapid process effectively prevents issues like browning, yellowing, and potential dye migration that may arise with slow or inadequate drying methods.

Step 6 - Air Dry

During the last phase of drying, we hang your rug on a specialized rug tower to ensure it dries completely. This process guarantees a bone-dry rug and eradicates any chances of mold or bacteria accumulation.

Step 7 - Post Inspection

In the final phase, your rug receives a meticulous inspection. Our technicians carry out a thorough quality control check on your oriental rug. This is followed by a grooming and vacuuming session to recondition its pile, resulting in a rug that feels soft to the touch.


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Types of Oriental Rugs We Clean

Your silk rugs are delicate and need special cleaning care to avoid catastrophic dye bleeding. We use gentle, acidic silk shampoo to avoid damaging the dyes in your rug. A fine horsehair brush is used to scrub the pile without distorting the pile of your rug. Our centrifuge speed dries your rug in 3 minutes, minimizing any damage caused by slow drying. Leaving a super clean and silky-soft finished rug.

We clean all types of Persian rugs, including the most popular: Tabriz, Isfahan, Khashan, Ghom, Heriz, Serapi, Sarouk, Kerman, and many antique rugs from all parts of Iran. We also offer Navajo rug cleaning in Phoenix.

Many carpet and rug cleaners turn down cleaning jobs of bamboo silk rugs due to the difficulty of cleaning and finishing. These fibers are made by extracting the cellulose from either wood or bamboo. Pretty much paper. And then turning into yarn.

Once wet and cleaned, they turn brown or yellow due to the breakdown of cellulose lignin. Turning your rug into a nasty yellowish or brownish color.

Two ways we avoid cellulose breakdown are with proper chemistry and the use of our centrifuge drying machine.

Your cowhide rugs go through our 7 step cleaning process.

The most important step to getting a truly clean shag rug is to remove all the dirt and dust that's lodged deep in the foundation. We use our industrial rug duster to beat out all the dirt and dust before we start washing your shag carpet.

After the process, you'll have a fluffy, clean shag again.

Silk area rug about to be cleaned at rug cleaning facility in Phoenix
Persian area rug about to be cleaned at rug cleaning facility in Phoenix
Bamboo silk viscose area rug about to be cleaned at rug cleaning facility in Phoenix
cowhide area rug about to be cleaned at rug cleaning facility in Phoenix
Shag area rug about to be cleaned at rug cleaning facility in Phoenix

But that's not all! We guarantee Urine Odor Removal! Our Urine Bath Treatment Breaks Down All Urine Deposits With Two Crucial Steps That Clean And Keep Away Foul Smelling Odors.

  • First, by eliminating the immediate urine odor-causing bacteria instantly using the oxidation found in our pet urine treatment.

  • Second, and most important, is introducing good enzymes, which will devour and digest the remaining bad-acting bacteria, leaving you with a permanently odor-free rug.

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The most honest FAQ you've read

Depending on our intake the turnaround time is 2-7 business days.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.

Yes, we do offer rush cleaning services at an additional charge.

We calculate the cost of cleaning based on square footage size and quality of rug. Finer and higher quality rugs will naturally be more expensive to wash. For a free quote over the phone you can call us directly at (602)358-8484.

We do what's required to have the highest probability of removing stains which includes a wide range of spot cleaning using different types of chemical compounds. However, we can't guarantee any type of stain removal.

We do offer complimentary pick up and delivery service based on the mileage and square footage of area rug which would be cleaned. We will try to accommodate you as we best can.

Yes, we do provide rug storage. Your rug will be securely packaged and placed in our facility until you are ready to receive it.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.