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Rug Repair

We Are Your One stop shop for all your rug repair needs. With over 45 years of experience in the rug industry we are able to guide you in choosing the correct and necessary repair for you rug.

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Rug repair in Phoenix

Our Rug Repair Services

The rug repair services we offer can be as small as a one inch binding tear to as extensive as a full reweaving and full restoration putting the rug back on a rug loom.

Binding & Serging

We offer machine binding, serging, and hand binding. Our machine binding and serging repair is a very cost effective way to repair the edges of your machine made rugs or even a great way to remove fringes on your area rugs. With our hand binding repair service, we can give the edges of your hand knotted area rug a new look and repair any part of the binding that has been torn through wear or from your dog chewing on it.

Hand binding repair Phoenix

Fringe Repair

The majority of repairs we do are on the fringes. If you neglect damage and wear on your rug fringes, it will lead to more costly repair in the future. One of the more common types of fringe repair that is done, is the double knot repair. This type of repair involves reducing your rugs fringe sides to the deepest part of a tear or damage and then double knotting strands of your fringes, which gives your rug a fresh new look, while making it more secure and more durable to wear on the sides with fringes or tassels.

Fringe repair in Phoenix

Patch Repair

A patch repair is done when a rug has taken serious damages that results in a hole or similar open wide tear within the rug. Usually a patch repair does not require the rug to be placed back on a loom and the opening is first weaved with a weft and warp (grid foundation of a rug) to create a reproduced foundation in order to knot the new pile onto.

Rug patch hole repair Phoenix

Full Restoration and Reweaving

The most extreme repair jobs we undertake is the full restoration and reweaving ones. These type of full blown repairs are for rugs in very critical condition in dire need of restoration with multiple tears, holes, and damages. Our full restoration repairs are predominantly reserved for fine Persian silks, Persian antique rugs, authentic Navajo rugs, and similar high valued and or collectible area rugs.

Full rug repair restoration Phoenix

Attention to Detail

No matter the level of repair work that we are undertaking, there is a high standard that we hold ourselves to in order to correctly finish any repair job. This attention to detail ensures that all oriental rug repairs are completed with very tight precision resulting in a repair that can be hard to see and looking as original as possible. Our attention to detail carries on to our rug cleaning.

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Rug binding repair in Phoenix

We have repaired 1000+ rugs

With the vast number of rug repair jobs we have received in the past years, we have gained a considerable amount of experience, from your wool oriental rugs to the finest Persian silk Qum rugs. There hasn't been a type of rug we have not repaired. So if you need a rug repair or a rug cleaner in Phoenix feel free to reach us.

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Depending on our intake the turnaround time is 2-7 business days.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.

Yes, we do offer rush cleaning services at an additional charge.

We calculate the cost of cleaning based on square footage size and quality of rug. Finer and higher quality rugs will naturally be more expensive to wash. For a free quote over the phone you can call us directly at (602)358-8484.

We do what's required to have the highest probability of removing stains which includes a wide range of spot cleaning using different types of chemical compounds. However, we can't guarantee any type of stain removal.

We do offer complimentary pick up and delivery service based on the mileage and square footage of area rug which would be cleaned. We will try to accommodate you as we best can.

Yes, we do provide rug storage. Your rug will be securely packaged and placed in our facility until you are ready to receive it.

We do guarantee the removal of urine odor.